A Tiny Home to Call Your Own:
Living Well in Just Right Houses
By Patricia Foreman & Andy Lee

Table of Contents

About the Cover 2
Praise for a Tiny Home to Call Your Own 6
Introduction 14
Recipe for a Tiny Home 18
Chapter 1: Is a Tiny Home Right for You?
People Who Might be Interested in Tiny Homes 22
Uses for Tiny Homes 31
Chapter 2: Tiny Homes Can Help You Have More Time, More Freedom, and More Money 35
Ways You Can Save Money by Building a Tiny Home 38
Chapter 3: Tiny Homes and the People Who Love Them 40
Terri Bsullak’s Tiny Home 40
The Lane’s Shed Home 48
Ray Pealer’s Tiny House Trade Station 56
The Campbell’s Combined Work Shop and Garden Shed 60
Uncle Gene’s Tiny Home 64
Chapter 4: Tiny Houses We Have Built 68
Andy’s Weekender 68
Room for Guests 71
Sun Block House 73
Virginia Guest Cottage 74
Chapter 5: Tiny Homes to Go 76
What We Can Learn From the RV and Boating Industries 78
Park Trailer Classification 80
Copper Top Cabin 81
New England Style Tiny House 83
Small Log Cabin Homes 85
Tumbleweed Tiny Homes 88
Chapter 6: Expanding A Tiny Home with Do-It-Yourself Construction 91
Chapter 7: Clutter Control and Stuffology 110
Redundancy Causes Chaos 113
Closets and Stuff in Tiny Houses 116
Garages and Stuff 117
Ways to Find New Homes For Stuff – Profitably 126
Organizing Stuff 131

Chapter 8: Ecology and the Tiny House Movement 134
Ecological Areas of Concern 134
Ramifications of Large Houses 135
Alternatives to Building with Wood 138
Chapter 9: Conservation Subdivisions and Cottage Communities 148
Conservation Subdivision Design 149
Being a Community 155
Environmental Considerations and Home Characteristics 156
Increased Appreciation and Premium Resale Values 158
Chapter 10: Rainwater Harvesting From Your Tiny Home 159
Water Needs and Harvesting Ability 161
How Much Water Can You Harvest From Your Roof? 163
Locating Your Storage Tanks 166
Storing Harvested Water In Ponds 167
Chapter 11: Can Tiny Houses Help House the Unhoused and Inappropriately Housed? 168
Inappropriately Housed 169
Housing the Unhoused 169
Frequently Asked Tiny House Questions 175
Tiny House Glossary & Evolving Definitions 178
Resource Guide 185
Bibliography & References 187
Index 197
About the Authors 204

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