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Chickens & You™ Training Series

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7 Myths of Urban Chickens

Chicken Have-More Plan

Chickens as Biomass Recyclers Saving BIG TIME Tax Payer Dollars

Author Pat Foreman

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Day Range Poultry:

Every Chicken Owner's Guide to Grazing Gardens and Improving Pastures.


• Management of Breeder Flocks,

• Egg Handling

• Incubating Secrets

• Hatchery Efficiency

• Building Shelters

• Marketing & Advertising

• Soils Regeneration

• Compost Creation

• Processing Poultry Humanely and Efficiently,

...and Much, Much More!

by Andy Lee and Patricia Foreman

COMPLETE Day Range Book Table of Contents

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FREE Day Range Poultry Primer

Exerpts from The BOOKFrequently Asked Questions About Pasture Poultry

Foreword by Gene Logsdon

The Difference between Chicken Tractor and Day Range Poultry

Day Range Resource Guide

Turkey Breeds vs Varieties

And finally,

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Pasture?

Answers to that age-old question?

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